R.N. DUCS International


R.N DUCS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is committed to provide our clients competent service in Non Destructive Testing, Lifting Equipment Certificates and related training that meets all requirements through continual improvement of processes.

Our quality policy is achieved through the following objectives:

  • Ensuring that our processes and services meet quality requirements all times.
  • Improving on the processes performance level achieved.
  • Investing in developing our people, to encourage and empower every one to achieve their full potential.
  • Benchmark our activities as part of our challenge to achieve continual improvement.


Work may result in occupational illness. It is therefore essential that early recognition of health hazards is established, monitored and controlled. R.N DUCS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED maintains a Clinic Retainer-ship Scheme with Government approved Hospitals within its area of operations to supplement first aid treatment as well as render medical services to staff.

The company encourages employees to participate in voluntary first aid training programs. The company places great emphasis on the promotion of the total health concept and the production of the worker.


R.N DUCS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED safety philosophy is that the health and welfare of its people are among the most important considerations in any undertaking. The protection of company assets and the environment are also primary concerns. No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it properly, and therefore complete it safely.

It is, therefore, R.N DUCS’s policy to provide a place of employment, which is free from recognized hazards, to provide accident prevention programs and systems, and to comply with applicable national and international regulations.

Understanding that safety, accident prevention, and environmental protection are operational responsibilities, this policy requires all employees at all levels to be responsible for the prevention of job-related injuries and illness, property damage, and environmental accidents, through the use of their good judgment and diligent and consistent application of company guidelines and procedures.


It is the intention of R.N DUCS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED to conduct all of its operations in such a manner as to minimize any actions that may endanger or harm the environment. R.N DUCS is aware of, and sensitive to, the ecological balances necessary to be maintained between mankind’s activities and nature‘s beauty and abundance. Our policy is one of the responsible environmental stewardship; our objective is to prevent pollution of any kind in our operations.

The company and its employees will follow all state, federal and other applicable regulatory compliance standards to prevent pollution or environmental damage to the lands, waters and air in which they work. Furthermore, vendors, subcontractors and others who visit or work at company locations and facilities will be held accountable for ensuring that pollution hazards or violations of this policy should be brought to immediate attention of management.